Working With an Interior Designer / by Studio 28

Interior design has come a long way in the last 10 years. With positive publicity from TV shows such as Grand Designs, The Great Interior Design Challenge and DIY SOS along with popular household magazines such as House & Garden and Elle Decoration, its not only become more desirable but also more accessible to the masses with many high street shops supporting stylish home-ware at affordable prices.

Whilst the creative personalities among us may enjoy the challenge of taking on an interiors project themselves, those with less time, creativity and understanding of the subject would rather run for the hills. Working with a qualified Interior Designer takes away the stress of decision making and managing budgets allowing the design process to be fun, enjoyable and risk free.

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) have produced a free guide 'A Client's Guide To Working With An Interior Designer' to highlight the advantages of appointing an interior designer for your project and how to get started. You can download the free guide here or follow the link below;

We've taken an extract from the guide which we think is an invaluable piece of information for anyone thinking about hiring an Interior Designer and how working with one could benefit their project;

What do interior designers do? 

Interior designers strive to improve the environments where people live, work, relax and socialise. Well designed spaces function effortlessly, enhance the well-being of the user and are visually appealing.

Interior designers are trained to understand and respond to the emotional and physical needs and aspirations of the people they design for.

Good design is often not obvious but its presence will allow the users to enjoy the best possible experience from their space.

Interior designers often work as part of a collaborative professional team involved in the construction and/or remodelling and re purposing of buildings, small and large, historic and contemporary. Your designer will work with any constraints presented by the building fabric and help you to ensure that all statutory regulations are complied with. They will advise on the budget, co-ordinate the work and monitor progress against the time, cost and quality benchmarks for the project that are essential for a good outcome.

An interior designer will use their design skills to realise the potential in a new or existing property and advise on the most beneficial layout and organisation of the space.

Interior designers are skilled in pulling together decorative schemes and have access to an exhaustive list of suppliers.

Put simply, an experienced interior designer will make your space work."