2016 Design Trends / by Studio 28

2016 has arrived and we're excited to see what design trends will be emerging this year. 
2015 will be a tough act to follow but if we believe what design brands, bloggers and designers are predicting for 2016, it will be another exciting year for the world of design. 

Here at Studio 28 we love learning about new, emerging design trends. In fact it's one of our key focuses; we know what's out there, what's fresh on the market and how to incorporate it into our designs to deliver unique, tailor-made interiors. But most importantly, we aim to deliver sophisticated design solutions withstanding the test of time whilst meeting our client's requirements for the long haul. It's essential that we recognise which trends will be here to stay and which are short-lived fashion whims only to be forgotten. 

Here's here's some key trends for the year ahead which we think will be successful and here to stay...

- Fits Like A Glove
We believe interior design has gone full circle and people are no longer focused purely on the style or appearance of a space. Attention is turning to how we use the spaces we live, work and relax in. Your interior should fit like a glove; designed specifically for your needs making it a pleasure to be in. 

- Eclectic
We think 2016 will be a year of eclecticism. Why should we stick to one style or theme when we can have them all! We believe an interior should be the reflection of the people using it drawing on memorable, positive life experiences. Let's express ourselves more through the world of design!

- Natural Beauty
Wood and stone have been at the forefront of finishes for the last few years and 2016 sees this trend continue. As technologies advance, 2016 introduces new finishes, textures and shapes to these naturally beautiful materials. Combining these materials with each other as well as other materials such as metal, will be a huge trend for 2016. 

- Metals
Chrome is out for 2016 but Nickel, Bronze, Rose Gold, Black Stainless Steel and White Wrought Iron will be very much on trend for 2016. 

- Matte is the future
Gone are the days of glossy, shiny surfaces; matte finishes are the future. Matte lacquers, worktops, tiles and paints combined with soft, neutral colours are key trends for 2016. 

- Bathroom Bliss
Bathroom clutter will soon become a thing of the past. People want their bathrooms to feel harmonious and luxurious. You can soften your bathroom interior by introducing some key furniture items and homely accessories. Fresh flowers, art, upholstered ottomans, woven rugs & candles can help deliver the ultimate bathroom bliss.  This is a trend we can identify with for one of our recently completed projects and the end result really is fantastic. 

- High-Tech Toilets
The rise of the high-tech toilet is looming and our prediction is that every new luxury home and hotel room will soon have one as standard. A sensor operated lid, automatic flush and self cleaning capabilities make this invention a luxury must have. Did we also mention that you can have a wash and blow dry - fancy!

So there it is, our top design trend predictions for 2016 that are here to stay!