The beauty of craftsmanship / by Stacey Pope

We're feeling very inspired following our visit to Bill Amberg Studio in London. We're currently designing some bespoke architectural pieces for a project and working with Bill Amberg Studio to produce the beautiful leather handmade pieces.

There's something unique about the texture, sight and smell of a genuine leather hide. It's such a unique material which is often under appreciated.

"Never underestimate leather. That is in terms of quality, versatility and adaptability. Leather can constantly surprise... Everything is a celebration of craftsmanship and leather's innate value".  Bill Amberg Studio

The moment we stepped into the studio, the smell of leather was instantly recognisable surrounding us with a sense of quality and luxury. Bill took us into the studio attic where we chose the individual hides for our bespoke pieces. The attic was an inspirational space displaying an array of colourful hides of all different sizes carefully rolled and stored waiting to be transformed into something beautiful. The hides that we selected were rolled out over the workbench for final inspection, each with its own unique markings and a story to tell.

So the next time you see a truly wonderful piece of leatherwork, take the time to admire the crasftmanship and history that lies behind it!