Light & Space / by Studio 28

Never underestimate the quality of light and space within interior design. Both can be used creatively to achieve the desired ambiance you want for your space.

Private Residence, Hertfordshire
Work in progress on site

Using a limited amount of natural light can create the feeling of a safe, private cocoon hidden from the outside world; ideal for bars, restaurants, cloakrooms, snugs, cinema rooms and in some cases bedrooms. Or perhaps you want to flood a space with as much natural light as possible to create a bright, uplifting, Vitamin-D rich, practical environment; suitable for public spaces, offices, entrance halls, studies, kitchens, bathrooms etc. 

Be intelligent when designing the layout of a room and give consideration to your overall use of space. What you perceive to be spacious is not always so and if you have been creative with your design, a room can be made to feel substantially larger or smaller than it actually is.
The position and size of walls  is an obvious factor but if these are already fixed, you can still dramatically transform how a room is perceived spatially by using colour, texture and furniture. For example, by selecting finishes which reflect light a space can be enhanced and feel larger. 
And for those afraid of the dark side; the use of strong or dark colours doesn't necessarily make a space feel smaller; in some situations it can bring presence and substance to a space making it feel larger, dramatic and more important.

Whatever your vision, think carefully about the mood you wish to achieve, how the space will be used and how you can control the light levels at different times of the day. You may have to think outside the box to achieve what you want but it's all about making your space work for you.