Design: inside & outside / by Stacey Pope

We're gearing up for the final week and completion of our largest project to date in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France...

There is usually a heavy focus on the architecture and interior design of a project, with the exterior often being overlooked. Due to our latest project's spectacular location and the picture perfect views the property has to offer, our concept from the onset was to bring the inside out! People often refer to 'bringing the outside in' but we wanted to extend the living space to the exterior to diminish boundaries and open up the interior as much as possible, suitable for outdoor living in the warmer summer months. 

Floor finishes seamlessly flow from inside the villa to form exterior terraces. Unsightly and inconveniently positioned columns have been removed and replaced with glass sliding doors which fold back to create vast expanses of open space. 

The four-sided infinity pool provides a relaxing place to swim, but also acts as a large water feature which can be adored as a mirror pool reflecting the beautiful views of the riviera and a continuation of the Cote D'Azur sea. 

The ocean view beyond the infinity mirror pool from the villa terrace

The ocean view beyond the infinity mirror pool from the villa terrace

One of the most exciting features of the project is the Philip Jackson sculpture which has been relocated from the UK. Nun's Story is situated by the front door welcoming guests as they arrive in style to the property. The beautiful garden planting sets off the sculpture perfectly.